About Sommer

With almost 20 years experience, I have dedicated my entire career life to giving people beautiful and healthy hair. Working on everything from natural to glamour to alternative hair color and styles, there isn’t anything I haven’t tackled and conquered. I believe that the most important thing I can do as a stylist is match my clients “dream hair” to their daily lives and a manageable routine, including maintenance and home care.  My focus is to make sure that no matter what the goal is, we are able to work together to keep the hair in the best shape possible. People ask what my specialty is: I honestly believe that I excel equally in cutting and color, for both men and women alike.

An LA native my whole life, I have a deep love of all the amazing styles that swirl around this wonderfully diverse city.  I take pride in the relationships I build with my clients.  I know part of what has made me a successful stylist in a city as cut throat and vast as Los Angeles is the supportive and loyal clientele I’ve worked hard to please and retain. To me, every client I have becomes an extension of my family and I hold those relationships in high regard. Watching my clients walk out of the salon with a smile is my daily motivation to continue doing the best the work I can do every single day.

When I’m not in the salon, I enjoy seeing live music, sewing while listening to podcasts and audio books, being politically active, traveling to Hawaii and spending time with the love of my life.